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Mumbai 26/11 : Slap On Indian Security System November 30, 2008

Multiple sites in the Indian city of Mumbai were attacked with bombs and gunfire in a coordinated terror attack on November 26, 2008. On November 29, the death toll had risen to over 195, including at least 22 foreigners. Over 300 injuries were reported. The last gunmen were cleared out of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel on Saturday morning, November 29, as firefighters continued work putting out blazes on the first few stories.


I m not writing this blog to let everyone know that how many have been died n injured in this terrorist acitivity. Because, its been very well known by every Indian citizen and they can count the numbers with their every breath they take. Mumbai atack.. is yet anaother shame on the Indian security sytem. Terrorist numbers were ranging fro 10-20 members and they were so gutsy that they marched inside these multi star hotels and shattered every smile those people were sharing with their meal. Its not an issue whether an Indian died inthe attack or the foriegner, but the issue is that were those 20 members so powerful that they can get over our security systems..???


They planned everything from Pakistan and then marched to India through ships n boats. Firstly, moving to porbandar and then to Mumbai and finally given the shape to what they have planned.

Now, the worst part is this… what were our Navy force was doing? They are there to protect the costal regions and have to sight every single small happening or mishappening on the coast. They never saw any happening ? why.? was it not their responsibility or they were just sleeping around the coast. The very next moment when those terrorist arrived over here in India.. few fisherman reported to the nearest police station but, was their any desired step taken up by the police.? what else a common man can do..they can  just help the local police by whatever relevant information they have.

They just never took it seriously.. and th result is what has shaken the nation.! When we will turn down the pages we will jut keep on thinking the causes and the loop holes which led to such a mis happening which were never expected. Still efforts woud be missing . The problem is , we never learnt from our mistakes. Comitting mistakes is a human nature but when u dn’t learn from them its ur irresponsibilty and the worst part,We are always great at it.  We are said to have the largest army in the world, but just to catch these few mutants we were compelled to use all our resources, whether its from army, to local police , or ATS or NSG. MAny hostages those were under the threat whole night, and people who were having themselves or their relatives down  under their guns were just expecting our best to let them free n breath under the free India. “INDIA Free from terrorism”.


I m not disappreciating the efforts made by Indian forces to saveguard the people down there . Infact, i m proud of them. The way they have fought to thier last breath without giving any thought to their mind abt thier life or death, serving their nation at their best. I salute all the martyer’s and soliders who were fighting for their nations’s pride. So that we can lively freely and can move with a smile on our face.


But, if we would have given a little care n attention would such an happening really  took place.? We  are busy in ourelves fighting for you are North Indian , i m MARATHi.. does we really care that we are INDIAN. Is’t we any more proud to be called an INDIAN. infront of the world we always show ourselves as a nation of unity, where so many religions, caste na ll prevals . But, what from inside.? what we are..? its just not happenning.  In order, to fight with such a big problem we got to stand of our own as a nation. And not as a marathi or a north Indian or a bihari,because it wil always divide us.


Their are lot of political parties and poilitical leaders showing their sympathy and respect to those martyr’s . But the problem is this is anyone gonna always keep them in our memories.

Our beloved politicians, said that ” ki bade bade shehron main aisi choti baatien aksar ho jati hain”.(such happneings sometimes do take place in big cities)   Now, can anyone tell does it make any sense.??  Is this really such asmall happening tha our home minister can quote this way on it.! It shows how serious are our poiliticians on this issue, and their interest to make our nation free from this hazard. Now watch this, is this what our home minister called a “choti choti baatien”..(small happening).

The problem is not all about terrorism, the problem is still somwehere realted to us. Do we still work for NAtion’s progress.? 

IF we really want our NAtion to be free from such an further activity from any terrorist front we got to stand in unity serving for the nation n not for the state. And yes offcourse, our defence should be treated more precisely and importance should be given on their trainings and they should b given the latest weapon with some authority to use them.

  If such things are not gonna change, the question like this will always be there leaving an reason to arugue n question with the goverment  on the security reasons in India.

I m strongly with all the fighters who really bother to serve the Nation and my this blog is just to make u guys aware of what i feel might be the loop holes.

I dn’t wana get this slap ever again.!