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“ovi store” : Retort to apple’s App Store May 27, 2009

The tough growing  competition between Apple and Nokia is boosting a ton to the technology.


With tight competition to Apple’s App store Nokia stood up tall with their much anticipated online software and content sotre  named ” Ovi Store”. which they have rolled out on monday and is planning and had promised to open the store globally this week.

Nokia had been moving Ovi Store to production servers as a preparation for the global commercial launch. The store was opened to users of few of its phone models in Australia and Singapore on Monday.

The Apple App Store is extremely popular, with nearly one billion applications downloaded within a year of its launch, prompting operators and technology firms including Vodafone, Nokia and Microsoft to vie for a piece of the pie by mulling similar launches.

“Nokia’s Ovi store is a step in the right direction but Apple is still the king of the hill when it comes to selling applications”.

Nokia, which made its first quarterly pretax loss in January-March, is cutting annual costs at its key handset unit by more than 700 million euros ($979.7 million) to counter the dip in phone demand.


Nokia is trying to build a new business from mobile Internet services like games or maps. “Ovi Store is in some ways the last castle for Nokia – both N-Gage and ‘Comes with Music’ are industry laughing stocks.

Games and music have been spearheading Nokia’s services push, but its mobile gaming offering has had little success, and its much-hyped music offering, which bundles free music downloads with a sold phone, has also found few clients. Nokia will also sell games and music through the Ovi Store. “Ovi Store is where Nokia tries to re-group and muster its forces for a counter-offensive.

So guys i m loking forward to it.. as Nokia is always known as a money saver.. and is famous among billions of people just for that..!

hope this venture of Nokia profit them to a gud deal and we can anticipate much more from them in coming future.



Technology geared up more : DVD holds 2,000 movies now May 23, 2009

A recent research by scientist and their continuous efforts to present a upgraded DVD technology that can hold now more than 2,000 movies revolutionizing the way we store films, music and data.

The DVD is featured with nano-technology to store vast amount of information. They are eying this up gradation in next 5 years and planning to launch it in the market.

The breakthrough comes from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, where scientists created a prototype using ‘nano rods’ – tiny particles of gold too small to see – and polarised light, in which the light waves only flow in one direction, reported Daily Mail.

A conventional DVD records music, pictures and computer files as digital code – a series of ones and zeroes. The code is written as a series of pits under the clear surface of the disc and is read by a DVD player’s laser.

The new disc stores information using two extra ‘dimensions’ – the color of light and the direction, or polarization, of light waves.

“These extra dimensions are the key to creating ultra-high capacity discs.

More information can be fetched on the link posted below. Hope u guys are looking forward at this up gradation too.   under the column technology and i m sure u will fetch much more than just this information.


Mobile tech geared up : Samsung Omnia i900 VS Iphones June 26, 2008

With the variable change in the trends, the change in the technology has become a very common aspect. And this can be easily seen in the market of technology through the variation in mobiles, gadgets, and other electronic instruments. The most effected market with the change in the technology is the mobile market.

Bar, flips, touch and what’s next in the mobile tech.? Mobile phone technology is seeing a revolution is design, value addition and solutions it can provide to users with new technologies being integrated in cellphones.

The latest in 3G, security technologies along with the largest display ever of wimax..

Samsung will unveil its much rumored Omnia SmartPhone at the CommunicAsia, Singapore . Heated debates have already started on the Internet, comparing Apple’s latest iPhone with this latest Samsung model.

Omnia model with 8 cm screen and 16 gigabytes of space for thousands of songs. Its predicted that its text messaging and its calling functions r easier than the iphones.

Judging from the published specs, the built-in 5Mp digital camera seems to be a step up from the 2Mp iPhone camera and offers extra features including auto-focus, face and smile detection and auto-panorama shot. The Omnia will be launched in Southeast Asia this week, and in the European market from July…

“The design of the model was inspired from the tiles of houses found in South Korean country side homes.”

The video.. showing the official… features of this new revolution in the windows set is here.!

For more further information about this cell phone u can look here

i-Phones knocking at Indian Market.. GenX Phone.!! June 20, 2008

India is really making some real progress in the field of technology. The new generation phone i.e., “the i-phones” clearly proved the point that Indian market and people both are really looking for some fine technology with some best services to them. But the question of the launching of the i-phones and moreover their unlock version is a big question in the mind of the people framing all the sectors of the society.

Apple is launching the i-phones in different editions. In India 8GB version is among the pick of all. Apple will launch the Apple i Phones in partnership with telecom major Vodafone. The Indian placed market would get to see the 8GB version of the Apple iphone that is said to be  combine Wi-Fi capabilities with a powerful online music store, TV feeds, email clients and map based location guide.

The Apple iphone was expected to be priced at 28,000 previously. But recently, the rate of the i phones has decreased very instantly thus resulting in the variation in the cost of the i phone which is yet to be fixed in Indian market exactly. It may vary  to a good sum..!

Apple would look at the response to this Apple iPhone edition before launching the higher end Apple iPhone 16GB edition. Apple had earlier said that it aimed to bring the Apple iPhone to Asia within 2008. The i phones are expected to hit the Indian market on the Divali season… gifting iphones as the new tool to the tech progress of India. Though being so much of use, there are few pre- assumptions on the unlocking and functioning of the i-phones.

8Gb model of iphone where in the price has been dropped from $599 to $264.85. Lets see what pricing would be fixed when iphones would be sold in india and will they be unlocked version is another big question.

The issue of unlocking the Apple iPhone would surface in India as well. Unlocking the Apple iPhone has been a hot topic ever since its global launch. Unlocking the iPhone without losing call quality, free open source hacker kits like AppTapp and the like were subjects of discussion all around. The only way Indian mobile users can use an iPhone in India as of now is by unlocking it.

Here you can check some means to unlock the iphones. As, evryone one’s the unlocking of iphones has become much of an issue and a discuss theme rather than the launching of iphones. so, it has become very important to give the serious node at it.!

In India basically the iphones will be launched by vodafone and Airtel. They have decided to make this nxt geenration phone familiar among the common people, and is working hard to gave the best result out of it.!


Hybrid CaRs ReAdy To hit the INDIAN roads… CIvIc’s The First.!!! June 19, 2008

The last few weeks has been abuzz with a slew of launches in the auto industry in India. Two themes have clearly emerged as the next wave—lower price and eco-friendliness. The answer to eco-friendliness has been pretty dominated by the hybrid vehicles displayed at the Auto Expo, New Delhi, this year by many players. Following this, of course, have been a barrage of articles on why hybrids is ‘the technology’ for India and its impact has been discussed and debated in various forums. This effort is to assess the potential economic and environmental impact of hybrids and whether this could well be just another bright spot among the numerous efforts in this direction.

Hybrid vehicles run on electricity and another fuel, which could be petrol, diesel or bio-fuel. The car owner has the option to drive the car using either electricity or petrol and can easily switch from one to another. These vehicles help reduce emissions by generating power from an electric motor, burning less fuel for each mile travelled.

With rising concerns about environmental pollution and global warming, everyone is trying to do their bit towards correcting the same. Honda Motor Co, with the launch of their Civic Hybrid, had contributed their bit too. Now, the company has launched the vehicle in the Indian market too. On 18th June 2008, Japanese car maker Honda Motor Co unveiled its first hybrid vehicle in India, when it launched its sedan Civic, already available in 32 other countries of the world. Honda Civic Hybrid has been equipped with both a petrol engine and an electric battery.

Honda Civic Hybrid The car will be imported in India, as a completely built unit (CBU), at the import duty of 104 per cent. This is the reason why its launch price will be a steep Rs 21.5 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The CBU will be imported from Japan, where the hybrid car is being produced for the entire global market. As per Mr Masahiro Takedagawa, President and CEO – Honda Siel Cars India, the company is exploring the option of import the engine and components to India and then assembling the car, as a semi-knocked down unit.

If the company is able to establish that in the near future, the cost of the car will come down significantly, since a semi-knocked down attracts much less duty. According to the officials of Honda Motor Co, the main aim behind the launch of the hybrid car in India is not the generation of high volumes. Rather, the company wants to let people be aware of its technology and commitment to the environment. The company has already imported 130 cars in India and expects the sales to reach around 300 during the year.

As far as the possibility of making Civic Hybrid in India is concerned, Mr Masahiro Takedagawa has ruled out the same. The reason for this was cited as technical constraints, which do not allow the car to be made anywhere in the world, except Japan. Honda Civic Hybrid will be offered with a 1.3 liter petrol engine. The engine and the motor will function together, right from the time of the start of the car to acceleration. However, once the car reached a high speed, it will automatically go on engine.

In the case where the car seems to be idling, usually being driven at 40-50 km per hour, the petrol engine will automatically stop working. The car will, rather, starts operating on battery on its own, thereby leading to saving of fuel as well as maximum fuel efficiency. According to the company officials, the fuel efficiency of Honda Civic Hybrid is somewhere around 19 km per liter. This is quite higher compared to petrol-based model of Honda Civic, which gives a mileage of around 15 km per liter.

Technical Specifications


Engine Type

In-Line 4-Cylinder
Engine Block/Cylinder Head

Displacement (cc)

Horsepower @ rpm

110 @ 6000
Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm)

123 @ 1000-2500
Redline (rpm)

Bore and Stroke (mm)

73 x 80
Compression Ratio

Valve Train

8-Valve SOHC i-VTEC®
Multi-Point Fuel Injection

Drive-by-Wire™ Throttle System

Front-Wheel Drive

CARB Emissions Rating

Direct Ignition System with Immobilizer

Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System

100K +/- Miles No Scheduled Tune-Ups*

Electric Motor / Generator

Permanent Magnet Motor

Power Output

20 hp / 76 lb.-ft.
Motor Width (mm)

Electric Power Storage

Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery

Output (Volts)

Rated Capacity

5.5 Ah

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)


Unit-Body Construction

MacPherson Strut Front Suspension

Multi-Link Rear Suspension

Stabilizer Bar (mm., front/rear)

24.2 / 12.0
Steering Wheel Turns, Lock-to-Lock

Steering Ratio

Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb (ft.)


15″ Lightweight Alloys
All-Season Tires

P195 / 65 R15 89S
Compact Spare Tire

Exterior Measurements

Wheelbase (in.)

Length (in.)

Height (in.)

Width (in.)

Track (in., front/rear)

59.1 / 60.2
Interior Measurements

Cargo Volume (cu. ft.)

Passenger Volume (cu. ft.)

Seating Capacity

Epa Mileage Estimates/Capacities†

CVT (City/Highway)

40/45 (mpg) or 16.94/19.23 (km/l)
Crankcase (qt.)

Fuel (gal.)

Required Fuel

Regular Unleaded
Other Features

Idle-stop feature

Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™** with Voice Recognition

160-Watt AM/FM/CD Audio System with 6 Speakers††

Average Fuel Consumption Indicator

Hybrid technology featuring Integrated Motor Assist IMA®



Telecom Management June 15, 2008

India stands on the threshold of “Telecom Revolution”. There is definite shift in the focus from the traditional tele service industry to the emerging knowledge based industry. Such a phenomenon is bound to give massive boost to employment opportunities and strengthening of the economy. The gap between the trained personal demand and the strengthening of industry has to be filled on top priority basis. The telecommunication revolution that India has seen in these ten years has been phenomenal. Today, we have a plethora of telecoms service providers who compete in the marketplace to offer a range of choices to the consumers. One can, as the paying consumer, demand the best of service and pay the suitable price.The telecom revolution that has connected the vast part of India has been no small achievement. It is a testament to the entrepreneurial skills of Indians as to what they can do if provided the means and the space to perform. The technology is changing so fast that what was yesterday advanced technology is today a commodity. This has changed the industry outlook from technology-driven to market-driven. The Advanced Telecom Management focuses on the challenges of management in an environment greatly impacted by escalating competition, organizational change, the structural realignment brought on by increasing industry consolidation and there requirement to provide value to both business and consumer or customers.