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Love Darken With Progressive Age: Time To Say “I Love You “ May 26, 2009

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When U Were 5 Yrs Old,

I Said “I Love U,..”

U Asked Me: “What Is It?”,..


When U Were 15 Yrs Old,

I Said “I Love U,..”

U Blushed,.. U Looked Down And Smiled,..

When U Were 20 Yrs Old, I Said “I Love You,..”

U Put Your Head On My Shoulder,.. And Held my Hand,.. Afraid That I May Disappear,..

When U Were 25 Yrs Old,   I Said “I Love You,..

” U Prepared Breakfast, Served it to me,.. Kissed My Forehead and said: “U Better Be Quick, It’s Gonna Be Late,..”

When U Were 30 Yrs Old,   I Said “I Love You,..”

U Said: “If U Really Love Me, Please Come Back Early After Work,..”

When U Were 40 Yrs Old,    I Said “I Love You,..”

U Were Cleaning The Dining Table And Said: “Ok Dear, But It’s Time For U To Help Our Child With His/Her Revision,..”

When U Were 50 Yrs Old,    I Said “I Love You,..”

U Were Knitting And Laughed At Me,..

When U Were 60 Yrs Old,     I Said “I Love You”,..

“U Smiled At Me,..

When U Were 70 Yrs Old,    I Said “I Love You,..”

We Were Sitting On The Rocking Chair With Our Glasses On,..  I’m Reading The Love Letters That U Sent Me 50 Yrs Ago,.. With Our Hands Crossing Together,..

old age love

When U Were 80 Yrs Old,   U Said “I Love You,..”

I Didn’t Say Anything But,.. “CRIED,..”


Because,.. “U Said: U Love Me!!!”

Friends,.. Please Appreciate Your Loved Ones :  Say: “I Love You,..” To Them,.. When You Have The Chance Now…!!!!

love you friends..!!!


childhood, college and relishment of memories : Student Life May 22, 2009

LIFE  has changed dramatically over years, from childhood to school and from school to colleges , crooking from college to professionals and yet thousand miles to walk. We have always believed that our life is synchronised and we have stepped slowely to the pages which have been pre written and we just need to put our feets in those shoes. We opened our eyes facing a beautiful world starring in our mom n dad’s eyes…And in no time we relaise that plenty of expectations r been already drawn, tough we were pretty young to  feel the heat of that.

We grow up with all the fun and peace that one can have. Smiling for every moment we lived, sometimes crying, someone trying hard to keep us quite. And we didn’t realised when that age bout on us and make us tall enough to gear up for our school life. We walked there as a learner, things changed and we come to know what this world is all about.. Who doesn’t love their school life.?? A pahse where we learned, a epoch when we enjoyed, a time that has been remembered deep down in our memories long n long.

Many glimpses of school life .. those small fightings , to lovely short affairs, glancing on beautiful girls and plenty of discussions with friends about eveythng. Bunking classes, going for movies, too long hours of play and yet we don’t drained out and find energy to move till the late hours of night talking to our first girlfriend that we had.

And then the time came, prestigious time for our baords, time to bug with books which we always used to hate. The last thing which we look for in a day. But what pinches the most is the time to leave our school.The irony to be away from our mates, a pain that we feel for months, years, and sometimes much more than that.Those farewell times was always tough to handle, a big bye bye to our school life.

And now an era of college life.. we stepped in college having plenty of things in mind, feeling ourselves uncomfortable at the begining and thats the time where we just met few lovely foks.. who not only eases us to our best but make us realise that best life is yet to be discovered. school memories always flourish in our heart and will be cherished till we dried up. One who always think nothing could be better than our school life just wait and think of this life which is yet to be examined n cherished. Here i developed myself as a strong character, realise the importance of family , friends , ecstasy of being away from home..and everything one can cherish n relish on. And that’s the time we say to ourselves who says that school life is the best life that we share.

I loved my college life. Have plenty of memories which have kept me going and i learned that life is not about stopping and thinking what u have missed or don’t have, its about moving forward, look for ur achievement and discover urself as a professional. Now here i m , trying to make my family proud, establishing myself to a world where its been often rendered that its the toughest call to survive. But i know , the memories i have, the beleif of friends that keeps me going and their expectations is what all i have to live and prove myself. I m so happy to pass through all these phases of life and seeing myself developed as a confident individual. But yes, lot to go , many miles to walk and a journey which is never gonna stop…!!!!!

Guys every stage of life must be lived at its best and then only u can live ur life with a smile which can never be taken by anyone or by anythng. Thats the way i have lived so far and i think cudn’t been bttr than this. I thank al my friends who have been with me till now and will remain forever. whether in my memories or in my meetings.

I love you guys.!!!!