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Excitement, cricket And music : IPL 2009 May 22, 2009

Ready to rock at IPL 2009 finale..?? This sunday would be a sensational night for all the music n cricket lovers.


its pretty abvious that if you have dancing shoes all the time you are certainly gonna dance on some vibrant numbers while watching some fantastic cricket.


and yes, wake up all katrina n shilpa shetty lovers because you are gonna see them shaking their booty on some sensational dance numbers chorographed by one and only “Shyamak Davar”.

Is it all..?? Then just hang on.. You will have much more than what u r expecting from this IPl 2009 more than just a fabtastic cricket.

Shilpa will be tunning together with one of the favorite’s of every one out here ” R & B artiste Akon”.  While kat will be make us all crazy on the number on which whole world is nodding their head n acclaiming India and music of it.. yeaaahh you are rit.. none other than sensational song from inconic “A R Rehman” ” got rit again .. on :JAI HO”..!!!!

News from wanderers Jo’burg is pretty much confirmed about these two most amazing beauty performing at the finale with some music icons.! There is also a buzz about “Kambhaqt Ishq starrer Akhsay Kumar and his co-star Kareena Kapoor performing too.! But its not been yet confirmed. So , just pray to go things well.. so that we can love every bit of music with some exciting cricket.

The five week IPL will end up on hig note with these talented peformers performing at the finale. And not just that, other highlights will include a synchoronised piece featuring percussionist sivamani and a group of Indian and South African drummers.


Others than this, crowd will cheer for Miss bollywood IPL South Africa finalists, culminating with the crowning of the winner of the beauty competition, who will get a guided tour through bollywood as one of her prize.

So guys, don’t miss out the finale of this exciting IPL 2009 because u won’t be keeping that in mind just for the exciting performances of the players of the team but also by these “desi Indian Tadka” making it more memorble with some iconic international performers.

Guys…. i m waiting fr the sunday n have no plans to miss that out… whats on ur mind..?????

better u don’t think much… n watch them.. i m sure u will love it.


One Response to “Excitement, cricket And music : IPL 2009”

  1. Danny Says:

    Indian cricket is the best !
    A lot of usefull informations in the article.
    I love these cheerladers !!
    Thank you for the informations !

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