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Suffering Africa from corrupted policies by big guns: U.S. Rules the chart..! June 26, 2008

Well.. today who is unaware of one of the most richest part of the earth which is so surmounted with “minerals” and real good mineral wealth. This nation is always among the lime light and is always a issue to be spoken about n always catches the eyes of whole world including some true dominating power of the world like USA, UK , Russia..and many more.
And this lovely nation with so much of the mineral wealth and all.. is “AFRICA”.
Today, everyone speaks about this nation, its sufferings, its problems, and every minute single happening which later turn into  the huge pandemic for this nation.
The small ignite of diseases have turned into a giant fire.. and almost the whole part of the nation is suffering from it.. including women to child and even few who have not yet not seen the world.. and is still  to open their eyes.
And just imagine, what we are doing..??? we are just talking about the problems of this nation.. rather than taking the initiatives. Even if the inititaives are  been taken they r just restricted to paper work. are they really implemented..??
For this we need to question MR. George Bush…!!
As they promise to be the most working nation for betterment of this part of the world. Well.. but actually there are very few people who are truly.. aware of the real facts. The working of the policies of these nations and there implementation. But the methodology still says, that the U.S. is a generous provider of the aids to Africa. methodology also refers that Africa is miss-managed and corrupt and hence absorb more aid. 
The facts are otherwise. Total annual U.S. aid for all of Africa is about $3 billion. About $1 billion pays for emergency food aid, of which half is for transport. About $1.5 billion is for “technical cooperation,” essentially salaries of U.S. consultants. Only about $500 million a year — less than $1 per African — finances clinics, schools, food production, roads, power, Internet connectivity, safe drinking water, sanitation, family planning and lifesaving health interventions to fight malaria, AIDS and other diseases.
If the administration were more than modestly interested in helping Africa, it could learn about the huge gains made possible by Blair’s plan to provide about $50 billion a year to Africa by 2010 — with the U.S. kicking in $15 billion to $20 billion. With that money, Africa could control killer diseases, triple food production and cut hunger, and improve transportation and communications.

The new aid would not involve guesswork or be a blank check. The administration’s claim that budget restraints prevent more spending on Africa is the most cynical of its contentions.

The president has cut taxes by more than $200 billion a year, with the wealthiest Americans the chief beneficiaries, and has raised military spending by $200 billion a year. But when $20 billion is needed to keep the poorest of the poor in Africa alive and put the continent’s economies on a path toward long-term growth, there’s no money available.

Is this what we are doing to help Africa..!! Is that the measures are been taken by some big guns like U.S and U.K..!!  There market policies and there zeal to rule the world.. have always come over there efforts. And its been clearly.. shown in there efforts and strategies. They are just taking this nation to show the world that they are so helpful to everyone. Making a image like of saint..!!  but reality is something of which very few are aware of. And i guess should everyone know.
The millions of Africans who die young and the hundreds of millions going hungry are not victims of fate. They are the consequences of U.S. policy.

This post is for the social cause to make the people aware of the facts and polcies that these  nations adopt over the suffering nation. They should be helped.. they need our help… they never asked for the luxurious life… they have just looked for a meal of their day..!! can’t we even gave them that..!!

wake up…stop molesting Africa by our strategies and policies. don’t play with the future of millions of people… who are suffering already from so much of causes.!


2 Responses to “Suffering Africa from corrupted policies by big guns: U.S. Rules the chart..!”

  1. Tom Humes Says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Ron Nussbeck Says:

    Africa has had so much fighting between ethnic groups that if has nearly torn itself to pieces. A country rich in Gold, Platium, Diamonds, Oil and more but will not come together as a Counrty to use this “Extreme Wealth” to benefit the whole population leaves the World to believe it is corrupt. The World hope’s the best for all of Africa and we do support you but “stand up” and demand your share of natural resources wealth be shared with the people and not just a few. Tax all Commodities 2% and use the money for the largest farming program the World has ever seen. Africa’s resources are greater than any other Country in the World, START ACTING LIKE IT….. We pray for you daily, and ask God to give you his special grace to over come your disabilities. We will continue to support your efforts to live a better life and for the future of your children.

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