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Endeavor To Attain The Triumph(Success) June 16, 2008

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Success and its attainment has become a very important aspect in one’s personal and as well as social life. In order to make ourself stand in the society, one has to be successful for his well headed future and status. In today’s world, the sight of the people towards oneself often fluctuates with the rate of success of that individual. For every single individual success has its own meaning.

Some define success as Donald Trump and all his wealth. Others define it as the parents who raised a solid family on one meager income. Before you can achieve success yourself, you have to determine what your definition of success is, be it a brilliant career, good health, strong spiritual beliefs, emotional stability, the luxury of time, financial freedom, or a combination of several factors. In order to achieve success on life, one has to be very clear within his mind that what’s the true meaning of success is for him.

Sometimes, in order to achieve our success we often, render to the wrong path. At that point, the success become more important rather than gaining it at a true spirit. If you know you need to restart yourself but feel like you are stuck in a rut, think about your values, your strengths and weaknesses. The answer to these questions will help you on your way to defining success on your own terms.

In order, to achieve success there are few basic n really necessary steps which needs to be evaluated by every single individual before taking his steps to success. These basic things are down here which would help you to attribute to your success and your measures to attain it.

0.… believe. Successful people have faith in their goals, believe in themselves, and visualize the path to success. They step back and reevaluate every now and then to make sure the direction in which they’re headed is the direction they still want to go.

  1. … plan. Successful people determine what kind of success they want and how they see it happening. They admit their weaknesses, find ways to overcome them, improve themselves, and go after their goals
  2. … take action. Nothing on the route to success will change until a move is made to alter it personally. Successful people ask questions and figure out why one method worked or why it did not. They are aware of what is happening on their path.
  3. Always, remember to live for your dreams and work hard for your success, because whenever u will be going for it… there would be someone jealous of it.. and would love to stop you. If u stop urself there itself, then it would be hard to achieve it !!! always believe in now or never.!!!!

8 Responses to “Endeavor To Attain The Triumph(Success)”

  1. thewondermya Says:

    Hi there

    Thnaks for ytour post, it was exactely what I need after a crush and some motivation to bounce back was offered throught your pst. I included a link on my own blog to this post, hope you’re ok with this.
    Thanks again

    • soveriegn Says:

      My pleasure if i can help you in some form or the other.. 🙂 and good to know that you will be working with much enthusiasm now.. i m fine with using my link..

  2. I would like to use the image of success and failure in a brochure I’m designing for a program for high school kids on developing work and life skills. I wanted to make a direct contact, but see no way to do so.

  3. Anuj Sharma Says:

    well.. u can certainly be in touch with me… through emails at

    and will be always there to help u up.!! 🙂

  4. Alex Harris Says:

    Great article and shared on my Facebook page Society’s Choice
    Thank you

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