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Telecom Management June 15, 2008

India stands on the threshold of “Telecom Revolution”. There is definite shift in the focus from the traditional tele service industry to the emerging knowledge based industry. Such a phenomenon is bound to give massive boost to employment opportunities and strengthening of the economy. The gap between the trained personal demand and the strengthening of industry has to be filled on top priority basis. The telecommunication revolution that India has seen in these ten years has been phenomenal. Today, we have a plethora of telecoms service providers who compete in the marketplace to offer a range of choices to the consumers. One can, as the paying consumer, demand the best of service and pay the suitable price.The telecom revolution that has connected the vast part of India has been no small achievement. It is a testament to the entrepreneurial skills of Indians as to what they can do if provided the means and the space to perform. The technology is changing so fast that what was yesterday advanced technology is today a commodity. This has changed the industry outlook from technology-driven to market-driven. The Advanced Telecom Management focuses on the challenges of management in an environment greatly impacted by escalating competition, organizational change, the structural realignment brought on by increasing industry consolidation and there requirement to provide value to both business and consumer or customers.


One Response to “Telecom Management”

  1. honeytech Says:

    we are in the era of technology where our prediction is the next implementations…
    good post..
    do provide some factual links froms others websites also in the blogposts…
    like some links from wikipedia,google etc…

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