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Rejuvanating India And Squak To Cheer Leaders..!!! June 15, 2008

For everything good in the country, there is something inevitably bad. And if it is something so very much debatable as cheer leaders, then why won’t our politicians be bothered, since they have nothing better to do. They are the ones who have to ‘culture’ the watching public as their GOD given right.

And so, noises were made about what else, but the costumes and moves of the cheer girls during the matches.The dresses supposedly skimpy, their moves were quiet bold and top it all, television cameramen found no other place but up their skirts during the breaks in play. Accordingly, the moral police decided to act as this was family entertainment. Somebody ought to tell them, this is 2008 we are living in, not 1908.

So what the end result of it all ?? In an already boiling environment, performing in sweltering heat, the cheer girls were forced to cover up, wearing full length cat suits at times in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Bad things turns for the worse, and this is a stark reality that the people should know. For the girls who have done nothing but added fizz to these matches have now been left to be maligned by the unrelenting public.

Bottles and other stuff that fans bring in to the stadium have only found their way, directed towards the dancing troupes after the matches are over. Obviously they do not deserve to be treated in such a manner. Some lewd comments were always heading a way towards these cheerleaders. And, no one wanna left behind in this race, as all the age groups people varying from 15 to 70 yrs joined it. In a country where politicos want to morally police the entire nation, shouldn’t they first try to do something about this situation ????

Last but not the least, two cheer leaders from an un-names franchise were asked to leave their groups and return home, as they were from ‘coloured origins’, and that, only fair girls were needed to cheer for the teams. Again, isn’t this 2008.? And why we call ourselves a non-racist nation.?

Inspite of of what has happened, these girls will be taking back many sweet memories of 44 days spent cheering every ball that we have watched, either from television or from the stands, and while some would not want to come back to the ridiculous hassles this country something leads to, a majority of them would want to come back for the next edition, hoping that conditions are more inclined to them performing upto their capabilities. One certainly hopes for the same, for without them, watching cricket wil not be music to us anymore.


3 Responses to “Rejuvanating India And Squak To Cheer Leaders..!!!”

  1. rtek Says:

    id say tht all the crazy stuff going on is due to stup** media persons …so is because ppl want entertainment even if its senseless ..

  2. Rocker Says:

    This is just a senseles topic to be covered by the media…..
    i dont understand why the politicians are worried about all this.they better mind their work on how to curb the rising inflation and sky touching petrol prices.But they dont coz they r not educated enough or civilised to think a bit for that….
    IPL was seen globally n was a huge hit.If the cheer leaders will get such a response leading to racisim issue,then it will lead to a very bad image for India.The Developing India,where people are bound to be called as The Most Brilliants in the world have such pathetic mentality of their minds.It seems that india still have to suffer for 50 more yrs to get out of this depressing image as seens by the world.
    com’n man live globally n think globally…..its time to be on the global front….
    Cheers Cheer Leaders!!!!!!!!!!
    U all Rock……

  3. Anurag Says:

    its pretty sad wat we had witnessed in theIPl regarding these cheerleaders and this brings home a point that no matter how much we boost of advancement in any sphere of life we still are way behined in behaving as a civilized society no matter wats the growth index as long as we are not educated these things wont prove anythin and no amount of moral policing will do good so we must start from ourselves first to broaden our mental and intellectual horizons and help others too….its sure a long and tedious path but we have to start now so that in this 21st century..INDIA still retains its values

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