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A CuRsE CaLlEd AIDS..!!! June 9, 2008

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AIDS pandemic screwing our nation.!!!

AIDS is a Curse..!! But what we r doing to eradicate it..!!!

hiii friends let me make u aware of few things about AIDS,,,, just go through this..Of the 8.3 million HIV-infected persons in Asia, 5.7 million live in India, where the prevalence varies by state. Approximately 80% of HIV infections in India are acquired heterosexually. Recent data from four Indian states indicated a decline in HIV prevalence among pregnant women aged 15–24 years, from 1.7% in 2000 to 1.1% in 2004 .so friends what r u thinking???? i hope there might be many ques in your mind..!!One of the great challenges Indians must overcome as they tackle the Aids pandemic ravaging their country is awareness. Many people lack even basic knowledge of the disease,how it is transmitted,and how it is treated.A stigma also haunts efforts to prevent and treat the disease, as those with HIV face widespread public fear,scorn, and alienation.Thus Aids education and awareness are particularly important aspects in the battle against the disease…so its my appeal from all Indians to join n work as a “UNIT”..

where r u taking your nation..?????????? Are u still sleeping.?

Hey friends i seriously.. needs ur sincere help.. to move this curse out of our society!! help the world.. to make the world.. free from AIDS..!!!!!!!!

R u WITH ME..???


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