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What is Life…?? June 8, 2008

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Life is a vast collection of miseries, treasures, sorrow, happiness and rejoice. What we are trying is to find out a way to lovable and troublesome life leaving all obstacles far behind. Life is like a vast ocean where all the sorrowful thoughts are like weeds, and thoughts that are loving are just like seeds…!!

Step by step, some moments come in our life when we either gain or loose something. And i think, if u can’t know to loose something, u won’t be able to know the real taste of gaining something. The every step we put forward opens up a new page in our life. The stories the situation we tell about our past, just shapes our future. We shouldn’t think how many moments we are able to led happily in our life , rather we should appreciate the number of life we can led happily in that one single moment. Life is platform, where we find our reason to live n make things beautiful by making every sense to what we do.. n hence, giving a shape n a definite outcome to our dreams and our hard fought journey. All the aspects or characteristics of a human are much important constituent of one self..which truly helps in the biggest journey on earth i.e.; “LIFE”..!

“Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.” is the famous saying by, Jane Rubietta.

Can’t we collect all those small qualities whether good or bad to make the few chapters most beautiful n good..! I guess life is to learn , and one should keep learning throughout. Well.. whether you want to learn or not life will teach you. so why not, except things gracefully with all heart open, and i bet u will love whatever comes your way. Smile is something which is hard to give someone..n ur single effort to smile or make someone smile.. can always pleasure you up.. n can realise the meaning of true life to u.!


One Response to “What is Life…??”

  1. Rocker Says:

    a very gud round of applause for u dude!!!!!!!!
    u seems to touch life very closely…u better know how to recreate joy n happiness out of the dumb n boring LIFE!!!
    cool man….Keep rocking

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